Project Management/Meeting Planning

The central core of the company is Project Management/Travel Planning, as Evolutionary Events provides logistic and creative services for Events, Marketing Conferences and Incentive Programs. Our Project Managers are experienced meeting planners, marketing professionals and travel consultants. They know destinations, marketing strategies and logistical planning.

Creative Services

We want every Evolutionary Events program to be as creative as it can possibly be. Our Creative Services department is the dedication of the founder at Evolutionary Events to offer creative guidance and advice for each program. Evolutionary Events programs are never canned or packaged.

Web Services

At Evolutionary Events, we will create pre-trip web pages and custom web registration pages. We use a very flexible on-line tool and our Technology Services lead will meet with you and design a custom registration site. The ease in using our tool allows the registration and project management team to easily make changes to the site. No more waiting for hours or days for a change to be made to your website.

Registration and Air Ticketing Services

Taking care of the attendee is extremely important at Evolutionary Events. Our registration department has that charge and they take it very seriously. Each program will have a registration and air ticketing services lead and other members of the department will be trained to take overflow calls as well.

Administrative Support

Evolutionary Events has permanent and on call administrative support. Those supporting our programs are also experienced in the industry and have been recruited from former working environments. Their attention to detail and their ownership of the project at hand is very important.

On Site Management Staff

At Evolutionary Events we have relationships with nearly 50 professional Travel Directors. We secure these Travel Directors as soon as possible and will always recommend those Travel Directors that have familiarity with a particular account. Our Travel Directors have had very positive experiences working with us and they are always happy to be requested for an Evolutionary Events program.


We have a merchandising department within Evolutionary Events. Again, we take pride in the creativity and the flexibility that this department offers to our clients. We are also willing and open to working with our client's preferred ad specialty vendor.